World Cup Argentina World Champion 2022

World Cup Argentina World Champion 2022 ! The fans of Argentina are celebrating the victory who on 18/12/2022 brought home the World Champions Cup in Qatar 2022, against France ... A breathtaking event that left everyone speechless ...

World Cup Argentina World Champion 2022

An exciting and hard-fought challenge was held on Sunday 12/18/2022 for the 2022 World Cup Final... Argentina managed against France to ride the Victory and become 2022 World Champion. Both teams gave their all to be able to secure the victory and only after the 80th minute did France manage to score 2 goals and access penalties. It was Messi himself who scored the victory goal in the 110th minute with his skill and audacity! A historic milestone for Argentina who hadn't won a World Cup since 2022 and an immense joy for Argentina's fans... Mondiali Argentina Campione del Mondo 2022

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